10th January 2024

Sending emails, should you use a mail platform or send from your emails

The possibilities for building your HTML email depend on how you intend to distribute it.

If you’re sending your email through a mailer such as MailChimp, Campaign Monitor, DotDigital, HubSpot, or similar platforms (there are many options available), you’ll enjoy complete flexibility. This means you can design responsive emails that support various elements like custom fonts (with fallbacks for older email clients), backgrounds (employing bulletproof backgrounds), CSS3, and practically any other feature you desire, including sliders, burger menus, animations, and more! 😊

However, if you’re distributing the email by pasting it into Outlook or using an OFT/EML file, you’ll encounter limitations. For instance, OFTs do not support:

  • Responsive styles (resulting in non-responsive emails)
  • Custom fonts (requiring the use of default fonts)
  • Background images
  • Any CSS3 elements (e.g., rounded corners)

We recommend using the aforementioned mailers for the most flexibility. However, if you must send via OFT, please be mindful of these limitations.