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Hand coding HTML email marketing templates for agencies under NDA, from red brick Manchester, England.

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Email design

Although we mostly build from agency supplied designs, if required we can create eye-catching and effective email designs for your client.

HTML email coding

Hand coding service to convert an existing design to an HTML email template. The final result is an HTML email template that looks great on all email clients.

Responsive emails

Creating HTML emails that reorder and scale content differently depending on the device it is on. More than 60% of people now are reading emails on mobiles.

3rd party systems

We have experience with most of the mass email mailers and we can assist with almost every aspect of template creation and integration.


We cost each project individually, so you’re never left paying the earth for a simple email build. We’ve indicated below some costings to give you a general idea, but it’s best if you get in touch.

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* Prices vary from email to email, please send us your artwork for a final fixed cost.

How We Work

We work on tight deadlines for agencies UK based and abroad. We are a white-label agency so we will never show your work, contact your client or even acknowledge our working relationship. We’re damn good email coders too! 😊

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Brief Submission

Fill in our order form, email us a brief or call us on 0161 398 0303. We will agree a cost and a delivery date, and make sure you are happy before project commencement.


Email Design & Build

If you require email design our designers will work with you until you are happy with the design.

We will then build the email using best practice coding methods, and when ready send you a link to view it online. If all OK we will then move on to testing the email build.


Full browser testing

We never let an email go out which has not been tested properly. We test manually and use Email on Acid to test in over 80 email clients – so you can be sure your email will look great for all your recipients. We will also send you screen-shots of your email in all the clients we test in.

See which clients we test in


Project Signoff & Delivery

When finished, signed off by you and everyone’s happy, we will package up all of your source files and deliver them to you. If you need any further help or want us to revisit anything feel free to drop us a line, we would be happy to help.

How We Test

For each and every order we go through a quality assurance process which includes detailed testing on different email clients, operating systems and devices. We test and show you screenshots of how your email looks across 80 email clients and mobile devices. See the full list here.


Your HTML email coding agency

The Mail Factory will transform your designs into a fully functional HTML email quickly at a great price. We can work to tight deadlines and budgets, and all our emails are fully tested on over 80 email clients, whether it be desktop, responsive or dark mode, and even integrated into your mail platform if needed 😊

Our email developers have a wealth of experience coding emails:

  • We hand code about 1500 emails per year.
  • We have a team of 20 trained developers who are fully versed in delivering pixel-perfect HTML emails to tight deadlines.
  • All of our developers are based in Manchester, UK.
  • We work under NDA – either we can send you our NDA, or we can sign yours.

We work with agencies as their HTML email coding partner carrying out email tasks such as:

  • PSD to HTML email conversion – we don’t just take PSD though we can work with most design applications including PSD, AI, XD, Sketch, Figma, PDF and even PNG and JPG.
  • HTML email fixes – some agencies come to us to fix emails made by other third parties, we can test and fix any issues to ensure the email is working before broadcast.
  • Integrating emails into mailers – we can integrate emails with mailers either as fixed templates, or fully flexible email builders where each module can be re-used and re-organised to develop new email versions.

Our email developers are supported by our team of account manager and project managers:

  • We give fixed prices on all our work so you can work within your budget.
  • Our email developers work to agreed deadlines, and our account and project managers will keep you informed about the progress.
  • You can pre-book in emails, so you can ensure the developers code the email as soon as the design is ready to go.
  • Our team is available to support you by email or phone.

Heard enough? Contact us now for more information or to get a quote.

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