The Mail Factory is a specialist HTML email marketing agency based in Manchester.

Under NDA, The Mail Factory work as an outsource partner for many agencies (both UK based and international) on their HTML email builds, crafting emails for all of the major mailers and rigorously tested to work seamless across all email clients.

We use the industry leading Email on Acid to test all of our HTML email builds, and we also build responsive HTML emails, dark mode emails and editable email templates (for all major mailers)!

All of our HTML email developers are based in our Manchester HQ, and agencies are more than welcome to pop-in to meet the team.

If you would like any further information about our HTML email builds, a cost for an email or information about our NDA, please do not hesitate to contact us on 0161 398 0303.

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5th June 2024

Stop Gmail from adding download icons on HTML email images

If you’ve ever crafted a beautifully designed HTML email, you might have noticed that Gmail often adds a download icon over your images. This can disrupt the aesthetics of your…

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2nd June 2024

Our HTML email coding process (quick overview)

This is a quick post about our build process so you can get an idea of how we work 😊 Once the designs are received and price agreed, we schedule…

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8th May 2024

How to code for Mailchimp – using Mailchimp’s template language

Once you have your HTML coded, adding it to Mailchimp so its editable is quite straightforward, our HTML email developers usually do it using one of two options Option 1…

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12th April 2024

Gmail merging desktop and responsive styles

Ever tested an email and in Gmail App you have a mix of both desktop and mobile styles…? What’s going on is any full width images are not responding, simply…

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